Kenya cross-border

The land border between these two East African countries, now has just a single border post. This project, the One-Stop Border Post, was set up at Namanga, a town of 16,000 inhabitants that straddles Longido District in Tanzania and Kenya’s Kajiado County in Kenya.

"Customs clearance used to be a real challenge here, because there were two borders. You had to go through at the Tanzanian immigration office, and then repeat the exercise on the Kenyan side. It used to take between one and a half and two hours," he said, smiling. "That's all changed now. When passengers arrive, it doesn't matter which side they come from, a single checkpoint does all the administration and they are able to carry on across the border."

By cutting the crossing time to a maximum of half an hour, the One-Stop Border Post project has boosted trade and tourism between Kenya and Tanzania Tourist Destination .

Namanga Border Crossing

Very spacious and comfortable, the staff were supportive and in a very good mood. No hustles from the middle men. Surrounded by mountain; great views. You have to experience both sides of the border. New building slow process Great entrance with clean bathrooms Lots of people want to sell you stuff while you waiting for your bus which is annoying. One stop has become very very easy. In few minutes you can get both exit and entry stamps all under one roof. And Visa for foreigners. Kenya and Tanzania kiosks are side by side. If you are on a shuttle bus, you need to take all your luggage off and through the security check but you are not required if you are in a private car or a taxi. services are fast and 24/7, bureau de change is available and large enough to accommodate large number of buses, Popular border crossing for travelers moving between Kenya and Tanzania but the Kenya side of the border control seems a bit laxed with sometimes instances of security scanners breaking down thereby resulting in the border control personnel to visually inspect goods and this can be very time consuming.

Crossing the Kenya-Uganda Border

International travelers going from Uganda to Kenya or vice versa can either make the journey by air or by land, crossing the border at a designated checkpoint. From Ugandan citizens taking a trip to the other side of the frontier to backpackers touring around Africa, many people cross the Kenya-Uganda border each day. Lunga Lunga is located in extreme southeastern Kenya, at the international border with Tanzania. This location lies approximately 102 kilometres (63 mi), by road, south of the port city of Mombasa, the nearest large city.

Busia One Stop Border - Uganda

Busia One stop border crossing is point jointly managed by Uganda and Kenyan Authorities, here you will find multiple border agencies cooperate and collaborate with each other, and effectively coordinate their activities to maximise their operational efficiency. All the agencies have been brought together under one roof, both Government agencies are fully present 24/7 performing border crossing controls procedures. Except for a few exceptional cases, this arrangement has facilitated the quick release and clearance of goods and persons across borders. Be aware that Photography is highly Prohibited at the border unless with prior written permission. Everything thing is fast from clearance for both revenue authorities of Uganda and Kenya. Well advanced scanning systems are used so that every cargo crossing the border is well examined. The security is ok and you can easily exchange money before crossing. The place usually receives a crowd though. Had no problems crossing the border. You can receive interstate pass to visit Uganda and Rwanda efficiently, and easily found transport to Kampala on the Ugandan side.

Lunga Lunga Border

Lunga Lunga is a settlement and Sub-County in Kenya's Kwale County. It is situated just six kilometers from the Kenya's border with Tanzania. Lunga Lunga is home to the Tanzanian border crossing, which is open 24 hours. It’s 4 miles (6.5km) from the Kenyan border post to the Tanzanian border post at Horohoro. Lunga Lunga is located in extreme southeastern Kenya, at the international border with Tanzania. This location lies approximately 102 kilometres (63 mi), by road, south of the port city of Mombasa, the nearest large city