• The Kenyan Authorities have announced that all persons visiting public places such as supermarkets, open air markets, public transport and other public areas should at all times wear a face mask to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus.
  • The Government of Kenya has directed that face masks must be worn in public places, except when dining, or when adhering to social distancing in hotels, gardens or on beaches.
  • All bars across the country can operate until 19.00hrs
  • Restaurants and eateries countrywide to continue with operations in accordance with guidelines issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health. Restaurants encouraged to use outdoor spaces to maximise physical and social distancing
  • Political gatherings remain suspended until further notice
  • All learning institutions at all levels of learning shall reopen in accordance with the calendar issued by the Ministry of Education.
  • The resumption of sporting activities is to be guided by guidelines issued by the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Health.
  • All employers are encouraged to allow their employees to work from home with the exception of employees offering critical or essential services that cannot be of delivered remotely
  • All hospitals to limit the number of visitors to hospitalised patients to one (1) visitor per patient per day
  • The government has also directed that weddings and funerals are only allowed a maximum capacity of 30 individuals (immediate family members).
  • Funerals and cremation ceremonies are to be conducted within 72 hours of death with attendees limited to 50 persons in total
  • All forms of public events and gatherings, with the exception of funerals /burials and weddings, remain suspended.
  • In-person and congregational worship to continue with adherence to guidelines by Inter-faith Council and the Ministry of Health. Congregational attendance remains capped at 1/3 of the capacity of the place of worship.
  • Public service vehicles have been directed to continue strictly observing the 60% maximum carrying capacity limit rule. All passengers in public and private vehicles must wear masks and maintain hand hygiene
  • The authorities are conducting random temperature checks in public spaces. If you show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and are able to self-isolate, you can expect to be directed to do so. If you cannot self-isolate, you can expect to be taken into a State health facility by the Kenyan Authorities.

In light of the eased COVID-19 related travel restrictions and resumption of international travel, the Kenya Directorate of Immigration Services announced lifting of an earlier amnesty on stay in the country effective from 14th September 2020. Visitors must leave the country before expiry of their visas OR apply for the required Permits or Passes to regularize their stay in the country, if not Section 53(1) J of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (2011) will take effect.

New Embassy Travel Service Registration for Canadians and U.S. Citizens

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Travelers Health Surveillance Form for Kenya

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Biometric Passport for Kenya

As the country upgrades its technology and implements more e-services, it is possible and even encouraged to travel to Kenya with a biometric passport. Also known as electronic passports or e-passports, these modern travel documents are issued by many countries worldwide and contain digital information about the passenger. Kenyan nationals living abroad are being asked

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The electronic visa (eVisa) for Kenya will become available and mandatory for visitors from all countries that need a visa from the start of 2021. The Ministry of Interior has announced that the online Kenya eVisa system will issue 100% of visas starting on January 1. This shift in policy reflects the government’s move towards

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Foreign nationals who wish to travel to Kenya with firearms will not be surprised to learn that bringing guns into the country is highly restricted and obtaining permission to do so can be difficult, but not impossible. Kenya’s gun control laws are strict. Hunting was outlawed in 1978 and use of firearms is rarely tolerated

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